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Breezy Bucket Hat - Black

Breezy Bucket Hat - Black

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Stay cool in luxurious bamboo silk style.

    Our hats are made in small quantities.
    Any excess fabric is used to make our beautiful bamboo silk scrunchies.

    Product Details

    - Bamboo silk is kind to your hair, protecting it from breakage and gentle to wear in dry, brittle hair.
    - Bamboo silk is kind to your skin as it is a natural anti-bacterial. Hypoallergenic means bamboo silk causes less allergic reactions, making it suitable for sensitive skin and conditions such as eczema
    - Moisture absorbent & extra soft, your head is going to stay cool & your face will keep shaded from the sun.
    - Bamboo's soft and smooth texture means that there's less friction on your hair, reducing frizz and tangling.
    - Makes the perfect thoughtful gift for loved ones


    - 100% organic bamboo fibres and Oeko-Tex certified dyes
    - Excellent Vegan alternative to traditional silk


    - Small: 58cm circumference
    - Large: 60cm circumference

    Model wears size small

    Care Instructions

    - Wash on gentle or delicate cycle such as 30˚, or hand wash where possible with mild detergent
    - Do not tumble dry

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    Made-For-You to Fight Fast Fashion:

    • 1. Order today

      After we receive your order we start cutting, sewing and caring for your piece in our in-house studio in London.

    • 2. Packed & Shipped

      After creating your unique piece, we ship it with tracking so you can rest easy following its journey to you.

    • 3. Lifetime Love!

      Delivered straight to your doorstep you are now the owner of a unique high quality made-for-you piece to love!

    Finally, silk is for everyone.

    Our silk products are made of 100% Vegan Bamboo Silk as opposed to traditional worm-made silk.

    Many of our valued customers either cannot or will not wear "normal silk", because it is unethically made and not friendly towards sensitive skin.

    We are delighted to serve you with only the highest quality silk products.

    The natural choice for your skin, hair, conscience and the environment.

    Benefits of Bamboo Silk

    Bamboo silk is an incredible fabric, here's why:

    1. It's softer than 'normal silk', because of its rounded fibers, so you will have a much more luxurious feeling wearing it like it's just gently hovering above your skin.

    2. Anti-bacterial features makes it the natural choice for people with sensetive skin.

    3. Bamboo fabric is incredibly breathable and offers great ventilation thanks to microscopic holes in the fibre. This keeps you feeling fresh for longer, meaning you have to wash your clothes less. Ultimately, less washing helps clothes last longer which is key to a sustainable wardrobe.

    100% Hand Made in London

    Our fascination doesn’t lie in following trends, but rather in creating hand made beautiful clothing that helps you express yourself.

    Styles that are inspired by storytelling and the soul. Items that you’ll cherish for a lifetime – the polar opposite of fast fashion. 

    Why Postpone The Luxe Feel? Get Yours Now!

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