Get To Know Good House London

Get To Know Good House London

Don’t get your luscious locks in a tangle. Unravel all of our secrets and dive deep into what makes our brand special. 

Here, at Good House London, we envisage our bamboo silk garments and accessories to act like a warm hug when you wear them. That’s why our premium, versatile pieces are created to make you feel good and look good. It’s not just about that cute snap on the gram though, or feeling like you’ve stepped out of a Pinterest board (although, we’re very proud of that). It’s also about how our aesthetic scrunchies and bamboo silk pieces make an impact on a wider scale.

So, whether you’re an avid Good House shopper or you’ve got your eye on your first silk scrunchie or two… 

Read on to learn more about where the journey began and the love and thoughtfulness that is packed into each and every product.

We like to think we’re pretty eco-friendly

Sustainability and ethical practices are at the forefront of everything we do here. Even before the Good House London journey began, our founder, Lauren Good, has cared deeply about hand-picking materials that would otherwise go to waste but contain the quality that you dream of. Everything that you see listed on site has also been expertly sewed to guarantee your new accessory lasts the test of time. We’re all about quality over quantity!

Want to go back in time a little further? Head to our About Us page to get to know us even more!

We want you to feel like a movie-star

Imagine this, you’re getting ready for a hen–do, makeup on, curls in full swing. Maybe, you want to slip into something comfortable before the night takes over? That’s where a scrunchie,  bamboo silk accessory, or breathable, stylish garment comes into play, leaving you looking glam before you’re even changed to get ready for a night of partying bliss.

Feel ready for any moment with Good House London. Whether you’re styling your hair for a momentous occasion, or you need to quickly pop it up after a long day, our scrunchies, bows, and headbands come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your hair. Rest assured, you can expect zero frizz when you awaken as our bamboo silk accessories are sumptuously soft and won’t tug at your beautiful hair. That’s why our bamboo offering is supreme, as this isn’t the case for a cotton alternative as cotton can dehydrate hair, resulting in knots and tangles. So, you can wake up ready to face the day without any hair stress!

Photo of Forest Green scrunchie by @nataalie.zy

Why our bamboo silk accessories & garments are a cut above the rest

Our accessories for hair are timeless and made from an excellent vegan alternative to traditional silk. We combine superb, intricate details with sustainable practices. Our aesthetic scrunchies aren’t just for show, so you can wear with pride knowing that your new hair piece has been cut and sewn in London, UK with the utmost quality and care. We don’t have a huge store room of overflowing stock, meaning we make small quantities to prevent wastage!

We only use 100% organic bamboo fibres and Oeko-Tex certified dyes, so there aren’t any nasties, harsh chemicals, or unnecessary extras in your pieces! So, you know your hair will be looking glorious, shiny, and will remain cared for with the treatment it deserves.

Bamboo Silk Black Slip Dress

We’re tying things up, sewing the seams, and getting ready for new things here at Good House London

You can expect some big changes in the next few months. For now, we’re keeping things quiet. However, if you’ve got a special occasion coming soon, you might want to add a few of our pieces to your wish list. It’s going to be a scorching summer!

Here’s an insider of what you can expect in the coming months. It’s going to be a scorching summer!

"We're spending the summer working on new collections for all the dreamers, lovers, gift givers & accessory addicts. Subscribe to our Newsletter for the latest release dates, exclusive offers as well as 10% off your first order" - Lauren Good, Founder of Good House London

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