How To Match Your Accessories To Your Night Time Skincare Routine

How To Match Your Accessories To Your Night Time Skincare Routine

Who doesn't want to feel and look their very best? That’s no different at the end of the day when the silk PJs go on and the makeup comes off. One of the best ways to re-centre yourself, reflect, and make yourself feel good is by having a night time routine. As part of the evening to-do list, make sure your skincare routine is high on the agenda. We believe it is a core ritual and we look forward to it at the end of every day!  It’s the prime time to unwind, connect with yourself and go to bed feeling calm and content.

So, whilst you apply your oils to lock in moisture overnight, pat eye cream on to add plumpness and youthfulness, and slick back your hair to rest easy… It’s essential to use the kindest, chicest, and sustainably mindful products whilst doing so to get the full experience!

Here’s how we’d match our accessories to our skincare routine to feel like a real-life Blair Waldorf.  Because who wouldn’t want to get unready in style and sleep like you’re the main character of your own romantic drama?

Slick back your hair with our Large Oat Bamboo Scrunchie

Cleanse with ease with our oat scrunchie

To start off our skincare routine steps, we begin massaging Espa Tri Active Cleansing Balm into our skin after tying our hair up into an effortlessly perfect messy bun with our oat bamboo silk scrunchie. Why not make this the time to get a cute selfie featuring your luscious hair and accessories to match? Our bamboo fabric prevents frizz and keeps your hair looking soft and tidy, so you won’t get those dreaded kinks you wake up with when using standard hairbands.

It also (most importantly) makes washing the cleanser off much easier as our hair is lovingly tucked behind with our kind to your hair scrunchie.

Tone and refresh your face whilst wearing our bamboo silk headband

If you’re keeping your hair loose for bed, we’d recommend using a skinny scrunchie headband to push your hair back as you mist your favourite toner onto your skin. The feeling of bamboo silk is incomparable to most hair accessories as it’s breathable and designed to protect and prevent damage to already dry and easily breakable hair. 

Our founder swears by GHLs’ Bamboo Scrunchies - having a noticeable difference in the health of her own hair since making the switch as well as the ease of restyling the next day by not waking up with those nasty hairband kinks!

This makes it the dream accessory to make your hair feel good whilst treating your skin - because your hair deserves love too

Set your eyes up for success before you pop your eye mask on

We know that GHL women are busy & hardworking so here's your reminder to moisturise, rehydrate, and replenish around your eyes to help them feel and look less tired! As the product soaks in during your nightly slumber, prevent any light disturbances with our eye mask for a GOOD night’s sleep. The curvature and innovative shape of the eye mask feels soft and light on your face, fitting snug around your nose for optimum comfort! You can be certain that you’ll rest well with our unique sleeping eye cover. We can’t wait to get into bed and put ours on.

Skinny Bamboo Scrunchies

Sign off your routine with a hair fragrance

After we’ve applied our serum and moisturiser, we let the products absorb a little and leave our hair in place. Once the products have settled, we then let our locks loose before styling them in a simple French plait. This is an ideal, protective hairstyle to treat your hair with the care it requires whilst you sleep. We use a skinny scrunchie to keep our plait in place all night and spritz a Rituals hair mist all over to keep our hair smelling incredible.

No matter the hairstyle or skincare routine, our bamboo silk hair accessories add a touch of luxury. Plus, no more bad hair days! What’s not to love?

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