How To Use Our Bamboo Silk Heatless Curlers And Why Your Hair Needs One!

How To Use Our Bamboo Silk Heatless Curlers And Why Your Hair Needs One!

What if we told you we could save you time getting ready in the morning but you’d look like you spent hours in front of the mirror, sectioning your hair and preening bouncy curls? With our bamboo silk heatless curlers you won’t need to spend longer than seconds doing your hair in the morning. All you need to do is wake up, remove your heatless curler and et voila, hair goals for days (literally).

So, with stress-free styling every morning, you may be thinking why else should I choose the Bamboo Silk Heatless Curlers?



Our hair is the crown we wear on a daily basis. With busy schedules, parties to attend, meetings to rush to, and date nights, there are so many occasions to get ready for. We can feel tempted to pick up the curlers or straighteners, but each time we apply heat to our hair, we’re weakening the strands and creating split ends! Instead, use our heatless curlers at the start of the week and create envious curls for all occasions that last for days. Watch your confidence skyrocket as your hair looks healthier and dreamier than ever.

Don’t believe us? Check out these heatless curler results from the founder, Lauren Good and the Good House London community!



You can also pop your curlers in your overnight bag, they’re super lightweight and you can sleep like royalty on your next staycation. Wake up to flowy curls!



Don’t worry if you’ve not used heatless curlers before. There are so many methods you can try for varying curls. Practice makes perfect but if you need a little direction… here are some tutorials to help you along the way. Plus, with every purchase, you’ll receive a how to use tutorial slip.


 If you’re thinking is the heatless curler suitable for your hair type/right for you… we’ve got all the answers!

My hair is short/mid-length - I’m not sure whether my hair is long enough to use the heatless curler?

The answer is… Yes! You can use our heatless curlers. In fact, you can expect even more voluminous hair with mid-length locks.

Can I sleep in heatless curlers?

Of course! You may feel reluctant at first as the curler goes all the way around your head. However, it’s just like sleeping on an additional soft pillow. Once you’ve tried sleeping in it once, it will feel natural. Although, if you’d rather curl your hair in the morning for a few hours before going out, that works perfectly too!

Other FAQ’S

Can I use heatless curlers on wet hair?

We’d highly recommend using our bamboo heatless curlers on majority dry hair. However, the wetter your hair, the more likely the curls will bounce back to a more natural appearance. If you’re looking for a subtle wave, test out our curlers with slightly wetter hair. Results may vary depending on your natural hair type and the time you leave your heatless curler in.



Can I use heatless curlers on dry hair?

Yes, either dry or slightly damp works a treat! Our heatless curlers are the perfect solution for those whose hair normally retain a curl from a curling wand!

 Would you recommend any accessories or haircare products to help the curls last or to make the technique easier?

Our heatless curler comes with two of our sustainable bamboo silk scrunchies. Use these to style a curly updo or to secure your heatless curler in place whilst it works its magic!

The best looking curls are well conditioned, so we always recommend treating your hair with love on hair wash day. However, our heatless curlers can be used long after hair wash day or freshly out of the shower. For extra gorgeous results, run a little hair oil through your hair to give it that extra shine. Using a hair treatment can also help to prevent breakage, so we’d highly recommend the correct hair prep before using our heatless curlers.

How do I take care of my heatless curler

Our heatless curlers should last for a very long time! We recommend hand washing them or dry cleaning them so that they stay clean and fresh. Please don’t machine wash them! Then, store them neatly in your dresser or storage box. 

We hope we’ve answered all of your questions and that you can’t wait to have gorgeous healthy curls using our heatless curlers very soon. 

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