Say It With Silk - The Perfect Christmas Gifts under £50

Say It With Silk - The Perfect Christmas Gifts under £50

With just weeks till Christmas, you might be frantically checking your list to make sure that everyone’s on it in order to complete your festive shopping. If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to buy your Mum, sister, best friend, bridesmaid-to-be, or any other special person to you; we’ve got our top picks to make sure whoever you choose, receives a gift that they’ll treasure forever.


Gifts for those who want bouncy curls for days

If you choose one of our 100% Organic Bamboo Silk Heatless Curlers for your own Christmas wish list or you’re thinking of gifting it to someone else… Here’s why you won’t regret putting it at the top of your list!

When you choose a Good House London Heatless Curler, you’re joining part of our hair health community where you can learn new tips and tricks from avid fans and of course, our founder, Lauren! You’ll receive a how-to-use tutorial slip and you can also follow along with our own hair journey on our social media pages and website. You’re also investing in healthy hair that isn’t going to be heat damaged from regular blow-dries and intense curling. So, rest assured once you’ve used our curlers once during the week, your curls will still look immaculate for days on end!


Say goodbye to frizz and heat-damaged ends and hello to silky, bouncy curls! All of our heatless curlers are hand-made in London and are designed to prevent hair breakage and to be used with ease and comfort. You can also expect two bamboo silk scrunchies to help you complete your hair routine, or wear them for hair-up days!

Shop our heatless curler gift sets here - £35


Gifts for those who prioritise their beauty sleep

What’s more traditional than Christmas PJS?  How about a luxury, sleep gift set that includes a sumptuously soft sleep mask, a large kind to your hair scrunchie, and a lavender pouch to leave your pyjama drawer smelling heavenly.

Imagine it’s Christmas morning, you’re unravelling the Christmas paper or sifting through your stocking to find a gift that makes you feel like your night time routine is an occasion to cherish. Just because you’re catching some ZZZ doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look glamorous whilst doing so. It’s not styling over substance, our carefully hand-crafted designs have been made in-house and tested to fit comfortably to allow you to sleep undisturbed.

Shop Bamboo Sleep Masks here - £35


Gifts for the neutral obsessives

Neutrals, they’re timeless, subtly elegant, and never go out of fashion. We’ve got two sets here that we think the classic ladies in your life will be addicted to wearing! Pair each and every piece with your confidence-fuelling Christmas party dress, or dress up in silk trousers, a camisole, and a nude scrunchie for scrambled eggs and champagne on Christmas morning. Or pop your PJs on after a hefty Christmas dinner and tie your hair back to relax.

Here are our top two best selling scrunchies

Large Midnight Scrunchie & Large Chilli Scrunchie


Gifts for those who love to have fun

Looking to add some excitement into the stockings of the ones your love most this Christmas? Look no further, our beautiful mini Christmas Crackers are filled with 3 handmade Bamboo Silk Skinny Scrunchies. Bound to bring that someone special bounds of joy upon opening as well as the gift of a hair tie that is kind to their hair and won't leave them with those dreaded hair kinks!.

Shop Christmas Cracker Skinny Scrunchies in Blue here - £20

Shop Christmas Cracker Skinny Scrunchies in Neautrals here - £20 



Gifts for the prim and proper

Here are a few, single products that make the perfect secret Santa choice or you can match them with your bestie! These have been some of our best-sellers and we know they’re going to be loved by so many GHL fans around the world this Christmas!

Dove White Bow - £22

  • A classic, Parisian-style piece for THAT girl.

Midnight Black Scrunchie Headband - £25

  • The perfect headpiece to wear to a Christmas or NYE party. It’s so feminine but makes a statement worn with any classic LBD look.

Large Chestnut Scrunchie - £10

  • Did someone call for chestnuts roasting around an open fire? Look cute on winter walks and evenings with hot chocolate and mulled wine in your garden!

We hope you’re feeling in a festive mood, we know we are! Still in need of some inspiration? Head to our gift sets page. There are so many options for you and your nearest and dearest. 

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