Why you should choose Bamboo Silk over Traditional Silk

Why you should choose Bamboo Silk over Traditional Silk

When you’re making the effort to change your consumption habits, shopping for long-lasting pieces to build into your capsule wardrobe or accessories collection, you want the items to tick more than just the sustainable box, right? It can feel impossible sometimes to shop for things that are not only beautiful but fit your values too. For instance, if you’re on the hunt for pieces that are environmentally friendly, sleek and sexy, but also practical and comfortable, normally something is missing. That could be that the price tag is too steep, the brand has over-emphasised its green credentials (a.ka. greenwashing), or that the clothing and accessories won’t last the test of time.

That’s where we come! At GHL, we focus on quality materials that are packed full of benefits. Ultimately, it comes down to providing a range of pieces that are beautiful, versatile and sustainable. Our primary material (100% organic bamboo fabric), is toxic-free, fully natural, and 100% biodegradable. You don’t have to worry about any nasties or harsh chemicals as we only source premium, organic bamboo that doesn’t undergo any chemical treatment. As bamboo is retrieved from mother nature, it’s a natural product that is able to be broken down at the end of its wear. So, know that your hair accessories and clothing aren’t leaving a negative impact on our Earth. They’re inevitably giving back to it at the end of their cycle.

Before we dive into some other advantages, environmental benefits, and benefits to you when it comes to wearing bamboo silk, you may be wondering what bamboo silk is.

Bamboo silk fabric is a premium-quality material that is sumptuously soft, breathable, and anti-bacterial. It is made from regenerated wood fibre that is taken from bamboo stalks. Due to its sustainable credentials (bamboo absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and 35% more oxygen than similar plants), and how fast bamboo grows… Bamboo fabric is becoming an increasingly popular fabric in the fashion, interiors, and accessories world because it grows in abundance and is regarded as a renewable fabric (meaning it can be replaced after use).

Why use bamboo silk?

It’s sustainably produced!

At Good House London we use bamboo fibre that is certified eco-friendly, meaning that it has been sourced sustainably. As well as this, it is one of the most low-maintenance materials to produce and doesn’t drain the environment of its resources. Plus, in order to grow, it only requires just ⅓ of the water that cotton needs to be produced. Therefore, as a rapidly growing material, one that is sustainably produced and retracted makes for an ideal material for our collections.

It’s extremely breathable & sumptuously soft

Bamboo silk fabric has a cool, silky texture so it feels refreshing, light, and airy against your skin. It is naturally breathable and allows your skin to feel fresh whilst you wear the fabric or sleep soundly on a bamboo silk pillowcase. Alongside this, as you sweat during an intense workout or throughout the day, you won’t be left feeling uncomfortable or stay wet from sweat due to the bamboo’s antibacterial and breathable nature! This makes bamboo an incredibly versatile fabric for clothing and accessories, as any moisture generated will swiftly evaporate, leaving you looking as good as you did at the start of the workout or the day! It’s also a handy fabric for lightweight, easy breezy PJs too. So, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and not overwhelmed by heat which might happen with regular flannel PJs.

It’s a vegan alternative to traditional silk.

Bamboo silk is a cruelty-free alternative to traditional silk. Most silk is sadly made by using live silkworms that are boiled in hot water. The benefit of using clean bamboo fabrics is that they solely use the pulp that comes from bamboo to achieve the same silky texture without harm to insects or the environment.

Bamboo Silk is great fabric to wear if you have sensitive skin

It’s ideal for sensitive skin!

Unlike cotton, bamboo is hypoallergenic and doesn’t use any pesticides or fertilisers. This is a dream benefit for those with sensitive skin as it’s a non-irritant material. So, you can wear your pieces all day long in comfort.

At Good House London, the materials we source are of the highest quality as we want them to last and feel luxurious to you. We care about educating our customers on how to look after their scrunchies and wardrobe staples so they stay looking pristine for a lifetime. 

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